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a list of PureData objects and extended objects

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I wanted something easier to F3 my way throug in Firefox. I will try to keep it up to date as well. Enjoy.

Object List

As Pd-Extended is constantly growing at the hand of several developers all around the world, it isn't possible to have a 100% complete list of objects. Neverthough, the next chapters include many of the most important libraries.The chapter division takes the original categories designed by Miller Puckette. Only specific libraries which have a closed identity - for example like GEM - have a page of their own. The categories for now are:


Glue - General dataflow control
Math - Mathematical operations
Time - Time-related operations
Midi - Midi Input/Output
Tables - Table and array management
Misc - Objects that don't fit any previous category

Audio Glue - General audio control
Audio Math - Mathematical operations
Audio Oscillators and Tables- Audio generators and table readers
Audio Filters - Filters and convolvers
Audio Delay- Time-related operations
Patch Management

Subwindows - Patch structuring
Data Templates and Accessing Data - Objects related to data structures
External libraries

GEM - OpenGL graphics and video library
PDP - Video library to provide a way to use data packets as messages
Physical Modelling - Physical modelling library
Obsolete - Objects that for some reason became obsolete. Most of them are still available, but you should avoid using them.
Vanilla and Extended ObjectsEach distribution of Pd comes with the core objects, which belong to Miller Puckette's original version - Pd-Vanilla. Besides that, it is possible for each user to use libraries of externals compiled by other users. Most people use Pd-Extended, which bundles many externals automatically - others prefer to download and install these libraries themselves.Each page of this list is divided into two sections, Vanilla Objects and Extended Objects. In many pages you'll see many more extended objects than vanilla ones.Organisation Each chapter has a table with the following columns:

Name - Name of the object
Library/Path - name of the library to where it belongs (these libraries are stored in your pd/extra folder)
Function - Short description given by the author
Due to the decentralised development of Pure Data externals, it sometimes happens that some name clashes between objects happen - sometimes even for objects with very different functions! In case the object you saw from the list isn't the object you were thinking about, the easiest way to make sure you have the right object is to write its complete namespace: for example, if you want to use the [makesymbol] object from the zexy library, you can either write [makesymbol] or [zexy/makesymbol].





Vanilla Objects
bang   send „bang“ message
change   eliminate redundancy in a number stream
float   store a floating point number
int   store an integer
makefilename   format a string with a variable field
moses   part a stream of numbers
pack   combine several atoms into one message
print   print messages to the terminal window
receive   receive messages without patch cords
route   route messages according to their first element
select   compare numbers or symbols
send   send messages without patch cords
spigot   pass or block messages
swap   swap two numbers, respecting right-to-left order
symbol   store a symbol
trigger   sequence messges in right-to-left order and convert data
unpack   split a message into atoms
until   looping mechanism
value   nonlocal shared value (named variable)
Extended Objects
a2l any2list flatspace zexy convert "anythings" to "lists"
-dsp dsp01 jmmmp DSP switch
any   store and recall any message (like f, or symbol)
active cyclone report if window is active / inactive
add2_comma flatspace iemlib add a comma after a message
add2_comma iemlib add a comma after a message
allow flatspace maxlib lets only "allowed" floats or symbols through
alternate flatspace markex alternate between two outlets
amplitude_n la-kitchen mapping return the amplitude covered by the last n values
any_argument float_argument symbol_argument   initiate internals
any2string string2any flatspace iemlib converts ACII strings to pd messages
Append cyclone append a list to the incoming list
ascii->int float->ascii hcs convert a stream of ASCII digits to a single value
atoi flatspace zexy convert ASCII to integer
bang-eater flatspace eat N bangs in every M bangs
bangbang cyclone send a number of bangs in order
bfilt cxc flatspace modulo + select 0
bfilt2 cxc flatspace bang filter
bondo cyclone synx a group of messages
bpe flatspace iemlib break point envelope
Bucket cyclone pass numbers from outlet to outlet
buddy cyclone sync incoming data, output when all inlets received data
button flatspace ggee a bang with a label
change_n la-kitchen returns 0 if the last n datas are the same
choice vanilla/choice search for a best match to an incoming list
coll cyclone store and edit collections of messages
compare-any list-abs test if two anythings are the same
count_n la-kitchen counts from 0 to n-1
counter cxc counter -> NV
counter gem-counter cyclone flatspace markex counts the number of bangs received
cup ekext flatspace counts up
cycle cyclone send data to individual outlets
debounce mapping la-kitchen blocks the value of incoming data for the further n samples after ech change
debounce_b la-kitchen blocks the input until a specified duration is over
decide cyclone output 1/0 randomly
Decode cyclone sent out 1/0 to a specific outlet
default iemlib replace initial argument, if it is zero
demultiplex demux flatspace zexy demultiplex the input to the specified output
deny flatspace maxlib blocks "denyed" floats or symbols
detox jasch_lib extract values, contents, attributes from xml-tag structures
disjoin join mapping split / joina range into two (0-1)
dist flatspace maxlib send data to a list of receive objects
dollarg flatspace iemlib receive parent initial arguments <list>, like a $n
downsample mapping output 1 over n data
drip flatspace zexy unfolds a package to a sequence
dsp dsp~ iemlib control audio, measure dsp load
edge flatspace maxlib detect rising or falling edge in floats
entry flatspace text entry box
env env+ env- mapping normal / positive / megative envelope follower
exp_inc flatspace iemlib linear and/or exponential increment counter, bang controlled
f+ jmmmp counter with variable increment
fifo flatspace maxlib first in first out buffer for floats
fifop flatspace zexy first in first out stack with priorities
float24 flatspace iemlib concatenate a list of float-fragment-strings to a 23 bit accurate mantissa
for++ flatspace iemlib incremental counter (triggered by internal metro)
forward cyclone send remote messages
fromsymbol tosymbol cyclone transform symbol to numbers or messages and vice versa
ftos ext13 flatspace float to symbol
funnel cyclone tag data based on the inlet it arrived in
gate cyclone iemlib send data out the specified output
gcanvas flatspace ggee click and drag to get pixel values
glue flatspace zexy glue together 2 packates (append, prepend, ...)
grab cyclone intercept the output of another object
hid_one2twohid_one2threehid_one2four hid one-to-x mapping object
hysteresis mapping add hysteresis to input data
iem_anything iemlib latch for anything
iem_append iemlib append a message to any messages
iem_i_route flatspace iemlib variation of route (abbr. iiroute)
iem_prepend iemlib prepend a message to any messages
iem_receive iem_r iem_send iem_s iemlib receive object with changeable receive label
iem_route flatspace iemlib improvement of route
iem_sel_any flatspace iemlib control a message-box with multiple content
ignore flatspace maxlib lets information through only when it was present at input longer than N ms
index flatspace zexy create a symbol->int map
init   initialize a message via loadbang (abbr. ii)
iso flatspace maxlib queues up lists of pitches and attack points
iter cyclone split a list into a series of numbers
ixprint cxc flatspace print without identifier
kalashnikov uzi ext13 flatspace send a specified number of bangs as fast as possible
knob flatspace  
last_n la-kitchen mapping save the n last incoming datas into a list
last-x list-abs make a list of the last x floats
lbang jmmmp loadbang which can be triggered more often
length flatspace zexy get the length of a list
lifo flatspace maxlib last in first out buffer for floats
lifop flatspace zexy last-in-first-out stack with priorities
line3 flatspace line with 3rd order polynome
list-abs list-abs apply abs() on floats of a list
list-apply list-abs apply the object created by [arg1 arg2] on every list element
list-clip list-abs clip for lists
list-compare list-abs compare two lists element by element
list-delete list-abs delete element at a position
list-drip list-abs drips or serializes a list
list-drip2 list-abs drips two lists in sync (as long as 1st list lasts)
list-dripslow list-abs serialize a list on demand
list-enumerate list-abs serialize a list and put numbers in front of each element
list-extend list-abs build a list from incoming lists and output stored list
list-fifo list-abs first in, first out
list-filter list-abs returns a sequence of items for which the adjusted operation is true
list-find list-abs find positions of a value in a list
list-idx list-abs get element at position idx
list-insert list-abs insert LIST before ELEMENT at position POS in original list
list-l2s list-abs concatenate a list into a single symbol
list-lastx list-abs make a list of the last x floats
list-len list-abs calculate lenght of a list
list-lifo list-abs last in, first out
list-makefilename list-abs change symbols in a list, floats pass unchanged
list-map list-abs swiss army knife of list operations
list-map2 list-abs map an operation on element pairs from two lists
list-moses list-abs like moses for lists
list-onearg list-abs list with optional aegument
list-reduce list-abs list goes element per element through a user-defined operation
list-replace list-abs replace (overwrite) a list from position POS with a new list
list-rev list-abs reverse a list's order
list-rot list-abs rotate a list
list-seek list-abs walk through a list element by element
list-sieve list-abs look up ocorrence of incoming floats in a list
list-splat list-abs advanced list-split with negative indexes
list2int l2i flatspace zexy cast all floats of a list to integers
list2send flatspace iemlib convert some kind of lists to a sent message
list2symbol l2s symbol2list s2l flatspace zexy convert a list <-> symbol
lister l flatspace zexy stores a list
listfifo flatspace maxlib first in first out buffer for lists
listfunnel flatspace maxlib send values out as list with source index
listmoses ekext flatspace splits two lists according to the values contained within the 1st list
listto mapping separate a list into a stream of atoms
local_max local_min mapping give the value of every local maximum / minimum whenever there is a change in direction
lpt flatspace zexy write data to the parallel port
makesymbol flatspace zexy concatenate lists to formatted symbols
maskxor ekext exclusive-OR mask map
match cyclone flatspace look for a series of numbers and output as a list
mergefilename flatspace iemlib merge a list of symbols and floats to a symbol
modulo_counter flatspace iemlib increments counter-number from 0 to max-1 by a bang
multiplex mux flatspace zexy multiplex the selected inlet to the outlet
multiselect multisel flatspace markex select object which accepts a list in the right inlet
nchange flatspace maxlib a "new" [change]
next cyclone try to separate messages into logical parts
niagara flatspace zexy divide a package into 2 subpackages
nop   no operation
nroute flatspace maxlib rout if Nth element is matched
once iemlib only the first message passes through
onebang cyclone traffic control for bang messages
oneshot flatspace markex blocks after initial bang
OSCprepend list-abs prepends first argument to an OSC message list
packel flatspace zexy get the nth element of a package
parentdollarzero parent$0 iemlib receives the parent $0 symbol
pique flatspace find peaks in an FFT spectrum
polymap ekext two-dimensional polyphony-restricted map
polystat ekext outputs statitics about voice usage
pre_inlet flatspace iemlib before an incoming message be released to an outlet, a message of 2 items will be sent
prepend cyclone prepend a message with another message
prepend flatspace iemlib list prefixer
prepend cxc list prefixer -> NV
prepend_ascii iemlib prepends a message + selector symbol
prepend_output   an identifier
prepent list-abs shortcut for [list prepend]-[list trim]
pwm hcs pulse width modulation at message rate
rec-name jmmmp automatic naming for a record / playback machine
receive13 r13 send13 s13 ext13 flatspace like r and s, with set messages
receive2list iemlib convert received message to a list message and then the incoming message
recent ggee output only most „recent“ messages
relay flatspace zexy relay messages according to their first element
remote flatspace motex send data to any receive object
repack flatspace zexy (re)pack atoms to packages of a given size
repeat flatspace zexy repeat a message several times
scrolllist   displays and scrolls a text in a patch window
segregate   segregate the input to various outlets, depending on the type
sendlocal sl receivelocal rl ggee send messages locally per canvas
serialize cxc flatspace ggee turn a stream of floats into a list
sguigot jmmmp spigot with GUI
sieve ekext takes integers and maps them to floats
simile ekext flatspace compare two numbers according to an error window
slider sliderh ggee slider from ggee
sort flatspace zexy shell-sort a list of floats
soundfile_info flatspace iemlib show the header data of a wav file
speedlim maxlib_speedlim cyclone iemlib speed limit for incoming messages
spell cyclone convert input to ascii values
split maxlib_split cyclone iemlib look for a range of numbers
split_my_msgs hcs split a strem of messages
split_path flatspace hcs like splitfilename
split3 iemlib part a numeric stream into 3 ways
splitfilename flatspace iemlib split into path and filename
spray cyclone distribute an integer to a numbered outlet
sprinkler flatspace dynamic control message dissemination
sprintf cyclone format a message of strings and numbers
sroute list-abs settable route
state flatspace ggee saves settings in a patch to a file
strcat markex prepends its text to any symbol that is sent to it
strcmp flatspace zexy compare 2 lists as if they were strings
stripfilename flatspace iemlib strip the first or last characters of a symbol
strippath ext13 flatspace strip a path from a filename
subst flatspace motex self-similar substitution/diminution of rows
substitute cyclone substitue a symbol for another symbol in a message
switch cyclone output a message from a specific inlet
sync flatspace motex extended trigger object based on sync from jMax
t3_bpe flatspace iemlib time-tagged trigger break point envelope
take-two list-abs print all combinations of length 2 without repetition
temperature flatspace maxlib output number of input changes in N ms
thresh cyclone combine numbers into a list that are received close together
ticker flatspace ggee toggle from ggee
tilt flatspace maxlib measure "tilt" of input
toddle ggee bang that routes messages through
TogEdge cyclone report zero / nonzero transitions
toggle_mess flatspace iemlib control a message-box with multiple content (abbr. tm)
transf_fader flatspace iemlib transforms a slider range
universal cyclone send a message to all instances of the same class in this patch (and subatches if desired)
unroute flatspace maxlib merges all inputs into one output and prepend an identifier
unsymbol flatspace iemlib convert a symbol to a anything selector
unwonk   unpack which sends unused symbols to the last outlet
Uzi cyclone send a specified number of bangs as fast as possible
zl cyclone multi purpose list processing object